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About blogbuerg

Blogbuerg is a directory of weblogs from or about Luxembourg.

If you miss your own or a blog you know on this page, please feel free to submit it to Blogbuerg, using the link in the navigation bar. The blog adress will be sent to a moderator who will add it to the directory.


Blogbuerg launched a new version of the main page which features summaries of the newest articles.

The newest articles RSS feed is now featuring a summary/description of the article.

You can now use the "Blogbuerg Update Service":
Add this address to the update services in your blog and the Blogbuerg will automatically be notified about your new articles.

You can now show or hide inactive blogs on the blog list.

There is now a list ordered by the date of the last posts.

Blogbuerg is now present on Facebook. Feel free to join the new group!

Some blogs are having problems with Blogbuerg updates of their feeds. If you're using WordPress, try switching your RSS feed from "Full text" to "Summary" or if you don't want to, wait for the Blogbuerg code to be fixed.

Before you submit a blog, make sure that your blog is accessible and functioning. And please check the list of blogs to see if yours isn't already included.

The side bar now shows the titles of the newest articles.

The link connections between the different blogs can now be viewed on the Link Network page. This Flash animation uses "Cosmos" data from Technorati, so non-Blogbuerg blogs are included too. Thanks to Moritz Stefaner and his RelationBrowser applet!

A new RSS Feed has been added. "10 newest articles" shows the last 10 blogs which posted an article.

You can now see the posting frequencies for most of the blogs. This frequency is the medium interval between two articles posted on that blog.

Blogbuerg has now two RSS feeds. You can see them on the left side of the page. One contains the ten newest blogs added to Blogbuerg and the other is a list of all the blogs in Blogbuerg's database. If you're using Firefox, you can add a LiveBookmark to you toolbar and get an always updated list of Blogbuerg's blogs!