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enjoying the postapocalypse  19.08.2019  22:48



a little magic  13.08.2019  10:56

cheers to summer.____And just like that we're back from a week of summer fun and happiness in the South of France.As always I took my camera with me and edited a little after movie together. So here's the final result, a collection of happy moments. I hope you love it as much as I do. ____video link - here ...[more]

We Are On A Break

Lux-Arazzi  09.08.2019  22:27

Dear readers, times flies when you are having fun - but as Luxarazzi is turning ten this year, we have decided to take an extended hiatus. It wasn't an easy decision for us as it has been an amazing ride this past decade and along the way, we - the people behind Luxarazzi - became good friends wherever around the globe we live(d). However, ten years also mean a lot of changes in our offline lives: New jobs, new towns, new babies, new responsibilities, new passions. Balancing it all and the running of a royal blog can be tough sometimes and being realistic, we decided it is best to take a break for now. Thank ...[more]

Centrale Paysanne Luxembourgeoise  06.08.2019  17:18


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2019 Papp gin ;)

KLOOT!  25.07.2019  23:50


de grénge Léiw  06.07.2019  16:17


Chilled cucumber yoghurt soup

Anne's Kitchen  30.06.2019  11:50

This heat calls for simple, refreshing dishes that can be whipped up in minutes. My chilled cucumber yoghurt soup is just perfect for this: a creamy gazpacho packed with herbs and boosted with the addition of brown shrimp and cucumber cubes for crunch. You simply toss all the soup ingredients in a blender and chill for a couple of hours. So simple! This also makes a great amuse-bouche at a dinner party, just fill the soup into little verrines and top with brown shrimp. The perfect start to a summery evening with friends. The post Chilled cucumber yoghurt soup appeared first on Anne's ...[more]

Der erste Kuss

Noraschi  26.06.2019  18:14


Learn Luxembourgish on YouTube

Learn Luxembourgish  26.06.2019  17:48

We listen to what our students tell us they need in order to improve their Luxembourgish and try our best to make it happen.Since 2013, we?ve published Luxembourgish-English translations of useful everyday sentences on Facebook and Twitter and we started doing the same on Linkedin this year as well.We figure that you can dramatically increase your vocabulary and communication skills if you learned just two new Luxembourgish sentences a week - and we usually publish more than that but, you know, let?s leave some room for your busy lifestyle as well :-)Lots of people have ...[more]